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The benefits of the SMART method in a collaborative purchasing group

Today, we would like to share with you a method that we use daily in-house. Because every company has many challenges to face, we thought it would be relevant to remind you what the SMART method is. We use it in particular when we set our objectives in the context of negotiating framework contracts with suppliers.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

Peter Drucker


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What are the SMART goals?

Each letter describes one of the attributes that the set objectives should represent.


For "Specific

The objective must be clearly defined and precise.


For "Measurable

To know if the objective has been reached, it is necessary to quantify in order to measure. The use of KPIs is strongly recommended.


For "Attainable

Consider whether the resources provided are sufficient and be aware of the team's skills.


For "Relevant

The objective set must be profitable for the company and must come at the right time


For "Temporal

The objective must be defined and limited in time and therefore with a deadline

The benefits of the SMART method

There are many benefits for both the company and the employees.

The implementation of SMART goals allows to:

Better manage employees and their progress

Communicate more easily with the different actors of the company

Align strategy by making decisions and actions consistent

To measure and increase the company's performance

To use company resources efficiently

To better understand the actions to be taken

Motivate employees to achieve their goals

Increase employee engagement

To feel satisfaction when the goal is reached

Présentation méthode SMART
Smart Method

In short, any objective can be refined using this SMART method, which guarantees the effectiveness of the actions taken. This results in time and energy savings, with guaranteed results.

What about you?
Do you use the SMART method?

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