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The collaborative purchasing group of Luxembourg

Together, let's buy better and
increase our performance


Member companies

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Widoo Buying, Better, Together

The first independent buying group in Luxembourg

The objective is to obtain, together, conditions similar to those of the large groups, i.e. on average a 20% reduction compared to the average price observed.

Save 15 to 35% on purchases

Save time on sourcing

Join an independent network of local businesses

Widoo members testify

Expand your network at Widoo events

The strength of collaborative engagement lies in a whole range of events that are at your service to expand your networks and combine your expertise; such as discussion mornings, working committee sessions by theme or business, business club sessions, supplier discovery meetings, workshops with experts, and "Widoo Together" days that bring together members and suppliers.

Events of our buying group

Widoo is more than a buying group, our mission is to expand our members' network and open new opportunities every day.

Let's buy better together!

And let's increase your performance.

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Frequently asked questions

We answer the questions most frequently asked by our members and suppliers. For more information, take a look at our video presentation on the right.

Yes, it is. Widoo does not replace a buyer, it is a complement.

Widoo is a collaborative purchasing group. The members collaborate and unite in order to obtain better conditions together. Widoo members share information and can even assist or even lead certain negotiations.
A buyer can therefore participate in the negotiation of a contract or decide to delegate this task.
Delegating the task also allows him to focus on more strategic purchases.

In addition, it is the volume effect that allows Widoo to obtain conditions similar to those of the large groups.

Each new member benefits from a6-month integration period.
The Widoo animation team oversees the presentation of negotiated contracts during bi-monthly or monthly calls.

The facilitators conduct comparative studies to highlight potential savings and assist members in implementing the contracts.

In our experience, our members get at least 5 times the return on their membership each year.


We are a referral center. Our mission is to offer our members a panel of suppliers referenced with the best average market price found.

You are always free to use a framework agreement or not.

Orders are placed by you and you are billed directly by the supplier.

Groupe partenaires widoo

The Widoo network

Widoo's collaborative spirit is evident every day with all its local partners.

Paperjam & Delano Club representing over 1,100 companies.

Fedil has over 700 member companies.

The CLC has over 11,000 businesses.