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SMEs: save on average 20% on your non-strategic purchases

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First joint procurement group in Luxembourg

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Free yourself from constraints to save time

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Sell better, Sell more with Widoo

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Transparency, a pillar of Widoo members for a real win / win relationship.



The know-how of Widoo members at the service of everyone.



Collaborative pooling of independent companies with the aim of improving their performance.


Purchasing categories

Services généraux

Fourniture & mobilier bureau · Imprimerie · Téléphone fixe et mobile · Produits d'hygiène · Fontaine à eau · Assurances · Messagerie express

Finances et Social

Formation - Training / Prévention - Sécurité / Bureautique - Informatique
/ Titre de restauration
/ Interim / Cabinet de recrutement


Carburant cartes /
/ Achat de véhicule /
Carrosserie /
Aménagement et transformation de véhicule / Location courte et longue durée  /Pare brise et vitrage remplacement


Outillages /
Consommable industriel - 
E.P.I / Vêtement de travail / Location de matériel /
Barrière de chantier /
Caisse à outil / Signalisation / Outil à main
/ Gaz propane / Gaz industriel / Natural gaz /
Electricité /Emballage /
Matériel éléctrique /
Outillage d'atelier

Maintenances et entretiens

Protection Incendie / Contrôle réglementaire

Human Resources

Training · Prevention · Safety · Catering title ·
Interim Recruitment firm

General Services

· Printing · Office · Computing
Printing Solutions
Telephony Solutions
· Hygiene products
· Water fountain
Express messaging


· Fire protection
· Regulatory control


Industrial consumable
· E.P.I · Work clothing Equipment rental
· Tool case · Signaling · Hand tool
Propane gas Industrial gas Natural gas
Electricity Electrical equipment
Workshop tools


Vehicle purchase & sale
Vehicle rental Bodywork & Windshield
Fuel cards · Tires
Vehicle marking & flocking
· Planning and conversion of vehicle

Why Widoo ?

Your advantages

For you, members:

► Save an average of 20% on your non-strategic purchases.

► Become a Premium customer for your non-strategic purchases thanks to pooling.

► Save time: 80% of your supplier panel only represents

20% of your expenses.

Control expenses that were previously underestimated.

► Remain independent and keep in touch with your suppliers.

► Become a member of a network of independent companies.

For you, suppliers:

Instantly retain new customers.

► Open up to a distribution and promotion network with no costs associated with acquiring new customers. 

Save time for prospecting and commercial negotiation.

Count on a real partner to assist you in the sales process; from contract drafting to the presentation of your offer etc.



Fast and simple

Comparative analysis

Analysis of non-strategic purchases and presentation of potentially achievable savings.

Purchasing groups

Participation of Widoo members in purchasing commissions.

Contract negotiation

Supplier rationalisation and volume globalisation will bring your the best possible conditions.


You will get dedicated advisers to support you with your daily procurement needs.

Widoo advises you

We're here to assist you

They trust us

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