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Let's buy better together

Our purchasing solutions

In an economic environment that has become increasingly unstable and competitive, increasing the performance of companies can only be done by joining forces and regrouping. Because it is through collaboration and the sharing of efforts and experiences that we can reinvent ourselves and progress.


Together, let's buy better and increase our performance.

Widoo services for buying better

Benefit from 15 to 35% savings (average observed among our members) on your purchases thanks to our framework agreements.

Save time on sourcing and negotiation and benefit from turnkey solutions to make your daily life easier.

Control your previously overlooked expenses with multiple agreements already available.

Become a Premium client for our partner suppliers.

Benefit from personalized expert support for your purchases with a dedicated team of professional buyers.

Become a member of a network of independent Luxembourg companies with a team that shares your daily concerns.

Share and exchange know-how, experiences and practices in the field of purchasing.

Enjoy a membership with no purchase or volume commitments. Simply join based on the size of your business and access all your benefits without limits.

Made in Luxembourg

Widoo, the B2B digital buying platform in Luxembourg

Widoo's mission is to serve all Luxembourg companies, cooperatives and professional associations, regardless of their size.

Already more than 150 companies are members.

Combining over 1.5 billion in sales.

Representing more than 4500 employees.

Who is Widoo for?


SMEs and ETIs in all sectors (construction, industry, services, etc.).

Cooperatives & Communities

Business groups, federations and franchises.


Suppliers of products or services (professionals and individuals).

Widoo allows you to benefit from advantageous purchasing conditions on category B or C products or services. These are the purchases considered non-strategic or non-production purchases, real sources of savings for companies, because they are too often ignored or neglected!

Our families

of purchases



Strategic production purchasing

Raw materials ...



Recurring and strategic purchases outside production

Computer equipment, car fleet, transport, packaging, waste treatment ...



Non-recurring and non-strategic purchases

Office furniture and supplies, small tools, hygiene products, small industrial supplies...

Come and discover all our framework contracts below!

Testimonials from our members