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Buying Better Together


Find out how our network can save you 15-35%.

Made in Luxembourg

How we work

With dozens of framework contracts for multiple products and services, negotiated by professional buyers according to specifications indicated by its members, Widoo offers significant and immediately available price reductions ranging from 15 to 35% (average observed among our members).

Widoo also makes the daily life of buyers and managers easier thanks to a dedicated team that guides you in your search for cost savings and provides you with turnkey solutions.

For partner suppliers, our team is also at your service to help you promote and develop sustainable business volumes with all our members.

The Widoo methodology

Our work process is based on 3 pillars.

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Pooling of our members' purchasing needs


Animation of a network of independent companies in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


Promise to save time and money for our members and suppliers

How do I become a Widoo member?

An easy membership in 4 key steps


Step 1

A membership without commitment

You benefit from a membership with no purchase or volume commitments and you have unlimited access to all contracts. The cost of your membership is based on the size of your company.


Step 2

Collect of the necessary documents

Suppliers account balance

Membership Agreement

GDPR & SEPA mandate


Step 3

Access to our digital platform

You will receive your login and password to access our exclusive digital platform where all the details of the dozens of framework contracts available are accessible.


What's next?

The start of your integration phase

You will start your integration phase with monthly meetings with our animation team. You are monitored individually for 6 months to provide you with all the details of the contracts and to guarantee that you will get several times the cost of your membership during the year.

Animation of a network of independent companies

of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Tenders every month

Each month, you will receive a schedule of activities and negotiations for current and future purchases.

Meetings are set up with members to define the calls for tender to be issued and the parameters to be taken into account. Our current schedule is to conduct 4 new tenders every month.

For complex products or services, working committees are set up with the members who combine the most purchases or who wish to participate.

Members have the option of participating in negotiations or delegating them to Widoo professional buyers.

The selection of suppliers is made on the basis of an evaluation grid based on six fundamental criteria that can be adapted according to the wishes of the working groups: Price / Payment terms / Quality / Proximity / CSR commitment / Delivery performance commitment.

The new contracts are posted on the digital platform with a presentation to the members.

The life of the network

To be able to work with other members and combine your purchasing expertise, we offer a dynamic and friendly network life with multiple events and meeting opportunities.

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Discussion mornings between Widoo and its members

These discussions are held on a regular basis to discuss contract negotiation activities and the life of the network.

Working committee session by theme or profession

Our working committees bring together members on a specific theme, field, or trade to discuss their issues, exchange information, and guide Widoo in launching or improving calls for tenders.

The themes to date are :

Waste management




Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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Supplier discovery meetings

Meetings are conducted with suppliers to introduce you to their companies and the benefits of their services or products. But it is also an opportunity for our suppliers to get direct feedback from our members on their satisfaction or on their requests.

Workshop with experts

Meetings are organized with experts in all areas that can help us in the development of your businesses and in reducing your costs: technology, sales, CSR, etc.

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Promise of savings and time saving

Promise of savings and time saving for our members and suppliers

Widoo membership for our members is a guarantee of sustainability and one of the pillars of their development policy. They have the opportunity to become concretely involved in the operation of Widoo. By committing to your side, Widoo commits to participate in the evolution of our tool, in a collaborative way, to help you in your development.

In a world of accelerating change, Widoo, as a collaborative economic player, must support its members by providing innovative and responsible solutions for all their projects at all times. By fully committing itself through concrete actions and with all of its stakeholders to have a positive impact, Widoo is committed to making a sustainable and inclusive contribution to the environmental, societal, technological and economic challenges of our time.

In line with the emergence of new ways of consuming, working, travelling and buying, Widoo is constantly adapting its services to best meet its members' expectations. In concrete terms, this means integrating technologies to provide the best human and digital experience. This also involves listening to and engaging in constant dialogue with our ecosystem to participate in useful innovation.

In order to address societal and environmental issues, Widoo has made corporate social responsibility a strategic priority. Contributing to building a more environmentally friendly, inclusive and sustainable world, Widoo wants to participate in the ecological transition of its members and accompany the transition to a more responsible model, at all levels.

Since its creation, Widoo has found that the cost of membership for its members pays for itself after only a few months of use. And that, on average, each member earns more than five times his or her membership fee during the year.

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