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Testimony of our member supplier Matelpro

Can you summarize in a few words the activity of your company?

Since 2007, we are a pure player that offers a vast catalog of furniture for the home and for the work space. We address both professionals and individuals.

Experts in 100% professional quality office furniture, we also offer a semi-professional range , ideal for teleworking.
Matelpro is also a partner in furniture for hotels, cafés and restaurants, or for communities.

“We want to offer the best in office furniture to as many people as possible at an affordable price.”


Entrepot matelpro luxembourg

Image of warehouse storage. (Source: Matelpro website).

You have just joined the collaborative purchasing group as a partner supplier. What were your reasons for doing so?

We want to offer the best in office furniture to as many people as possible at an affordable price.

This equipment is essential and must be designed in a durable and ergonomic way for any self-respecting company (and its employees).

One of our objectives is to introduce the sit-stand desk. As the flagship product in our catalog, it is an essential ally in preventing and relieving muscular tension, boosting blood circulation and increasing concentration.

What are you looking for? What benefits do you think you will find?

Awarded multiple times by Capital magazine, the Matelpro brand is popular among home improvement enthusiasts.

We would like it to be more popular among companies, the hotel and catering industry and communities with its high quality ranges.

We hope to expand our portfolio of entrepreneurial customers in Luxembourg and win their hearts with our products, which are made in Europe and are PEFC, FSC and other labels.

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