Widoo Suppliers


Who are our partner suppliers?

► Recognized as specialists in their sectors with national and even international notoriety.

► Companies having satisfied a call for tenders validated by Widoo members and meeting the requirements:

– Qualitative.

– Price / deadlines.

– Quantitative.

– Validated through purchasing commissions by framework agreements.

Your benefits

What do you have to gain from it?

Open immediately to a distribution network

And a promotional network with no costs associated with acquiring new customers.

Save time, time for prospecting and commercial negotiation.

Being a Widoo supplier allows you to immediately acquire a new large customer account. This made up of many SMEs has all the advantages of large account management, without presenting the risks.

You will be supported in the drafting of your offer.

Widoo advisers know the members and their needs, they will be able to assist you in writing a powerful offer adapted to their needs.

A powerful but profitable offer for you and based on a win / win relationship.

You will be able to offer attractive offers because the margin per product (or service) will be increased either by optimizing the specifications or by a volume effect.

You can count on a real partner to present your offer and develop your customer portfolio.

You keep contact with the customer

You get help from Widoo advisers.

Once connected with the client, you will be able to deal directly with him. Also, you keep
the opportunity to offer him other tailor-made services.

You are part of a network

We want this network alive! Many convivial events will be offered to you. They will be so many opportunities for you to meet other companies and discuss with them.

The Widoo network will bring you unlimited opportunities.

You will be able to exchange your know-how in many areas or even create partnerships, particularly in sales, in order to jointly respond to a call for tenders.

How to join us?

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