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The founding companies

More than a hundred companies have joined Widoo, whose mission is to manage their non-strategic purchases and to create a collaborative group of more than 1,000 members within 3 years.

The founding companies :

> Are Luxembourgish and Belgian.

> Represent a turnover of more than 1.5 billion €.

> Belong to industry, construction, transport and services.


Your benefits

What do you have to gain from it?

widoo avantages membres
1. You save time

80% of the supplier panel represents only 20% of the total amount of your expenses. The staff of your company will be able to concentrate on their core business.

3. Better purchasing conditions

You will get better payment terms while being ensured of the quality of the goods or services you deserve.

2. You save money

You will reduce your spending on non-strategic purchases by 20% at least. And thus directly improve your bottom line.

4. You will better control your purchases

You will quickly and easily control purchases that were previously underestimated. Our analysis will highlight where the savings will be the most important.

5. Become a member of an independent companies network.

Belonging to this network will allow you to develop exchanges and cooperation. Companies will then be able to share their know-how in purchasing, logistics and sales around purchasing commissions, members' meetings, thematic breakfasts, discussion forums, etc.

6. Keep in touch with your suppliers

Keep a direct link with your suppliers while benefiting from the support and networking of our advisers.

7. The expertise of professional buyers

Our buyers are able to dedicate themselves to specific missions on request such as investment purchases, advice on purchasing organisation and supply chain and much more.

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